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Development of applications using virtual reality technologies
Complete software solution for business process management
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3D models and digital twins
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Smart World Tesla
IT-решения, которые упрощают жизнь компания Smart World
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We have great experience in developing software solutions that are used in various spheres of human activity

We analyze before the start of work, develop a Project Data Sheet where the terms and expenses are prescribed in advance. At each stage, we give a report on the work done
We are against the bloated budget: we follow the principles of lean production, clearly adhere to the Project Data Sheet and minimize wasteful expenses
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VR program for rehabilitation of patients with the consequences of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system

VR GO app
Программа VR GO
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The application is designed to improve the efficiency and affordability of rehabilitation. Реабилитация становится возможной в любых условиях, когда и где угодно, главное – сохранение двигательной активности мышц шеи. Rehabilitation is possible under any condition. The most important factor is that the neck muscles are still mobile. The basis of the technology is the substitution of the real body with a virtual avatar, which shows the brain that it's possible to move paralyzed limbs.

Online platform for learning and teaching
Online language school
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The software enables users to create lesson plans, schedule lessons, hold placement tests, chat inside the platform, and use online payment.

Platform for remote monitoring of construction

Construction Management
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The system simplifies the interaction between the customer and the contractor. It allows users to track the progress of the work, examine the documentation, upload photos of the process, comment, and make edits. The system is available both in web and mobile.
Платформа контроль строительства
The web-based 3D product configurator allows visitors to customize the product using real-time 3D visualization
Qubius Configurator
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This is a 3D model of Qubius—a soundproof office phone booth—integrated into the website. The 3D model with the interaction and customization of various parameters allows you to create any possible variant of the cabin.
Конфигуратор Qubius
AOP is a software for companies engaged in project activities

Automation of Production

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The product simplifies the interaction between people inside a company. AOP provides document storage, displaying information about employees of the company, time tracking, internal chat, task manager, corporate and personal calendars, and the company's news feed. Geological and mining information system GEOS
Automation of Production
GEOS is a Geological and mining information system solution to manage coal prospecting and exploration
GEOS — Geological software
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The software accelerates the construction of subsurface contour maps and well-log sections, estimates geological reserves, automizes calculations, and generates documentation. All of this increases geological exploration efficiency. GEOS was developed in line with the standards of the State Commission on Mineral Resources (GKZ) and Russian minerals reporting standards.